Tantric Massages In Manchester

Tantric massage in Manchester

Tantric Massage in Manchester

We provide the full range of Tantric massages in Manchester. Browse our services and book now for an unforgettable experience.

Tantric Body to Body massage

If you're new to tantric massages in Manchester, this is a great option. Your masseuse will use her naked oily body to glide over you. Firstly starting from the bottom and working her way up. Never breaking her touch she will then use her hands to tease and toy with you, indeed leaving no part of you unexplored. All of our masseuses are confident with their body. But they love to be playful throughout your time together.

Reading your body, they know when to speed up. When to slow down and which parts of your body to caress and when. The purpose is to achieve a heightened state of physical, spiritual, and emotional enlightenment. Equally focusing on your breathing and muscle contractions, one of our stunning masseuses will use her entire body to stimulate your erogenous zone. So without doubt, you're in for an overall unforgettable experience.

Undeniably a body to Body massage is a fantastic option for people who need to relax and reconnect with their inner spirituality. Furthermore it's something which is so important to your physical and emotional well-being.

1 hour: £150
+30 mins: £50

Tie and Tease tantric massage in Manchester

Tie and tease massage

Submit under the restrains of one of our naughtiest masseuses. Let her tease and fulfil your every desire. Then surrender and fall captive to our city mistress who will have you hooked from the moment you lock eyes. Once you give her your full attention, you watch her seductively undress for you. Then fall into her powers as she performs our renowned City Tantric massage. Afterwards you're left in a complete state of satisfaction so you'll never want to leave.

1 hour: £200
+30 mins: £50

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Couple’s massage

If you want to share your tantric massages in Manchester experience with you partner, this is the one for you. This massage is extremely popular with our clients. Furthermore it has the added benefit of including your partner in this worldly experience. Firstly you have a choice of one or two beautiful masseuses. Then they will then massage you and your partner at the same time. Making you both feel at ease and so taking your sexual relationship to new unbelievable heights. unquestionably this is a perfect opportunity to spice things up. Likewise with all of our City masseuses you will experience great ease, yourself and your partner are sure to have an overall amazing time and furthermore become a lot closer.

1 hour: £300
+30 mins: £100

Aqua massage

An aqua massage is very sought after. Once you've tried it, you'll be hooked. Undoubtedly it is always a huge hit with our clients. First our masseuse starts you off in a hot bubble bath infused with oils and candles to set the mood. She will then massage you in the tub and treat you like royalty. During which she concentrates on every part of your body. Once you have reached your sexual peak and she has dried you off, she will then escort you into the bedroom. After that, your fantasy begins all over again. She then massages your entire body and has you trembling until the very end.

1 hour: £200
+30 mins: £50

Yoni massage

The Yoni massage is created especially for our women clients. Experience the true essence of a woman’s touch and share a devilish experience with one of our stunning masseuses. Accordingly we will also make you feel comfortable and at ease. So once you're ready, just let her work her body into yours. Then finally surrender and enjoy this full bodied orgasm.

1 hour: £150
+30 mins: £50

Four handed tantric massage in Manchester

Four handed massage